Change the Atmosphere within in your Commercial Space with our Expert Commercial Refurbishment Services in Exeter

At Afits we specialist in Commercial Re-Fits for a range of Commercial Spaces such as: 
  • Shop Refurbishments
  • Office Refurbishments
  • Commercial Building Spaces
  • Bathrooms & Washrooms 
  • Communal Areas
  • & Other Commercial Spaces
We provide an all-in-one service from structural design, installation and maintenance! 
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 Category A Fit-Outs

A Cat A fit out will provide a basic level of finish. This may include raised floors, suspended ceilings and internal surfaces, along with basic mechanical and electrical services. While Cat A spaces will have a floor and walls, they'll be quite basic and finished to an industrial standard.

What's usually included in your Cat A fit out:

  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings (with a basic finish)

  • Basic mechanical and electrical services

  • Fire detection services and smoke alarms

  • Air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC)

 Category B Fit-Outs

A Cat B fit out follows on from a Cat A fit out to provide a space that a company can simply move into and start working. A Cat B office fit out would ideally be tailored to the individual needs of your business and workforce, delivering the right mix of workstations, breakout areas and meeting rooms. As such, this is often something a landlord will leave to the tenant to design and install.

What's usually included in your Cat B fit out:

  • Fully-fitted kitchens and non-communal office amenities

  • Partitioning; including meeting rooms, offices and breakout spaces

  • Workstations and furniture

  • Re-routing air conditioning and power points

  • IT installation and infrastructure

  • Design and brand detailing

How can our renovation services can help you?

We provide an all-in-one service from design to full installation. Our aim to provide a superior service in which installations can be processed quicker and more efficiently with a team of staff who we trust. Contact us today to see how your commercial space can be refurbished. 


A commercial refurbishment is often considered the most cost effective and beneficial option for re-designing and updating the design of your commercial space. A new design for a work space can drastically improve performance and productivity of workers by replacing worn out work spaces with an upgraded design and style. This approach to commercial design can bring your commercial space to life with a refurbishment and fit-out plan that changes the atmosphere and attitude within your company. Our dynamic and skilled approach to office refurbishments aim to promote and increase:

  1. Productivity

  2. Efficiency of staff

  3. Staff Morale

  4. Overall Environment

  5. Atmosphere for Customers & Facility Users

In order to create a more productive space through a entire or partial office refurbishment, it is vital that we assess ways in which your work space isn't already delivering benefits to staff and facility users currently. Our complete commercial office refurbishment in Exeter & Devon will assess your company type, culture, needs and vision to advise you on the ways that changing and upgrading your space will provide you with a better business. We work within your budget and offer space planning advice to build you the best space for your company. 

Whether your company wants to stay open during the refurbishment or you wish to shut down for a minimal amount of days, our team of professionals will work around your needs and ensure that the project is completed on time quickly and efficiently.


Whether you need expert rennovation contractors in Exeter and Devon or a simple office / commercial refurbishment, our team is happy to help. 


We offer a full commercial refurbishment or office refurbishment service which includes assessment surveys, design, furniture supply and full installations. Whether you wish to refurbish your shop, bathroom, office, meeting room, storage rooms or executive office we will offer an all-in-one service to bring you a superior service. Some of the key elements we aim to address are displayed below. For more information on all our refurbishment services in Exeter and Devon please contact us today. 

  • Space Planning

  • Office Design

  • Colour Schemes

  • Furniture Replacement & Supply

  • Working Layouts

  • Evaluation of Current Set-up and Required Office Set Up

  • Workflow Analysis


Call us today to find out more about our Commercial Refurbishment services in Exeter and Devon. Our renovation contractors in Devon will be able to provide you with support in making the steps to change your office. 


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