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Office Partitions are used within commercial spaces to divide areas, mark zones and enhance office spaces as well as increase privacy. This for example could be turning an open plan space into a more flexible area by separating zones of work. As offices tend to sometimes be noisy places, partitions can create a more quiet, organized office with reduced distractions. We offer a range of office design solutions suited for businesses through creating office glass partitions in line with floor and ceiling factors. Dividing an office up into smaller more effective sections can maximize space by providing a flexible solution for splitting up sections within a room. Our floor to ceiling office partition services for Exeter and Devon can break up work through rearrangement, moved or removed to promote more effective and efficient working designs which maximize the functioning of office spaces. 

At Afit, prior to installation of office partitions we undertake a space planning consultation where we get an understanding of your firm in terms of how it operates. This enables office partitions to be created to your exact requirements to help maintain and increase productivity and efficiency.

A range of different zones can be created through office partitions including boardrooms, executive offices, divided work sections and resource zones. It can represent a non-permanent solution to dividing up sections of the office and can be created as 'folding partitions' to sub-divide space flexibly. 

Office partitions can be made from glass, plasterboard, wood or brick. At Afit our office partition services in Exeter and Devononly use materials that fit the infrastructure of your building and create a safe environment. We will also provide relevant data cabling to support the relocation of your IT infrastructure through the moving of office partitions.


Over the past few years the office environment has changed from open plan to individual partitioned offices and back to open plan again. A middle way has been found to give the feel of an open office to the privacy a partition offers. This middle way is fully glassed partitioning which offers an open plan office appearance but giving individual spaces to be created that offer some degree of sound proofing whilst giving an openness and light appearance.

There are many types of Glazed partitioning on the market at a cost to suit most company’s budgets.

Made from aluminum frames, glass partitions come in half or full height thickened glass panels and vinyl frames to aid privacy. They represent a flexible and practical solution to dividing up office space and can easily be re-arranged and re-installed as a part of a refurbishment.


At Afit we understand that finding a suitable acoustic office partitioning system that fits your facility is important. We provide both sound absorption and soundproofing, two systems that can improve and limit sound. Sound absorption entails a system that does not allow the sound to enter and leave a room. We therefore offer partitioning systems with various combinations of capabilities to provide the best design that fits the requirements of your building and business.


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