commercial office design
commercial office design
commercial office design
commercial office design

Renslade House, Exeter

Office Refurbishment / De-lapse

As with a large majority of office buildings they are multiple occupancy levels with spaces leased or rented to individual companies.

When these individual companies decide to leave their office spaces it is required by the landlord that the leaving tenant removes any installed fixtures and fittings they have installed. It is also required to ensure the space is fit for another tenant to move in and occupy.

At Afit we have completed various projects to refurbish such spaces when a tenant leaves. One such space being Renslade house in Exeter.

We had to remove the old ceilings, lighting and floor coverings and replace with new updated fixtures such as LED light panels. Upon completion of these extensive works, decoration was then carried out with the aim of providing a better atmosphere to the dated space. 


We are proud to have given this tired space a new lease of life to enable a future tenant to progress their company. 

Services Provided

Space Planning Design

Lighting design & Installation

Mechanical Services - Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Decoration - painting, ceiling & flooring